2010 SEPTEMBER VHF CONTEST SUMMARY (with pictures, circles and arrows)

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The Operating Shacks at K1WHS FN43MJ

Operating in the ARRL VHF Contests allow us to test our antennas in the most severe RF conditions possible. This testing in real-world conditions means that our antennas can be fine-tuned to optimize all mechanical and electrical parameters to deliver the highest performance. The site is a windswept ridge that is subject to very high winds and ice loading. Antenna deficiencies show up quickly here! In addition, the site serves as a test bed for different antenna configurations, where results can be tabulated over time. Such new products as the DPM144-5LVA 144 MHz contesting antenna array, and the improved 3347LY loop yagi got their start here as a result of some "real world" evaluation during contests and with the wrath of Mother Nature thrown in as well.

Every so often we update the VHF contest pictures. This contest page is quite popular and so the pictures are changed with different aspects highlighted to keep things interesting.

Are we having fun yet?

I am getting a pretty big kick out of the ARRL 10 Meter Contest held each December near the start of the HF contest season. I wanted to dabble in that realm, so decided to build up a single band amplifier suitable for contesting. You know what is needed...... It has to be simple to operate and bullet proof. It also has to to be happy to run at the legal limit for hours on end. I guess it won't be long until I have a 28 MHz contesting section, but for now you can get a peek at the new amplifier I built over the 2009-2010 winter. I call it "AMPENSTEIN".