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DH60.6m Spun aluminum parabolic reflector
DHSTRUTFeed strut assembly for 5 GHz or dualband 5/10 GHz dish feed
DHSTRUT10Feed strut assembly for 10 GHz dish feed
DHRING Rugged 3 point welded steel mount bracket with 2" u-bolts for 0.6m dish
DHMOUNTOne point diecast aluminum tripod mount bracket for 0.6 m dish
5.7FEED 5.7 GHz feed with N (f) input connector
10GFEED10 GHz feed .35-.45 f/d ratios with SMA (f) connector
DBFEEDDualband modified W5LUA feed for 5.7 and 10.368 GHz. SMA (f) in
DBFEED opt1 High isolation 10 to 5.7 GHz (-50 dB) version of dualband feed. Higher efficiency
DH6CK0.6m dish with feed strut kit and DHRING mount (less feed horn)
DH6CK-T0.6m dish with feed strut kit and aluminum tripod mount. (less feed horn)
5760DH60.6m dish w. feed strut kit & 5.7 GHz feedhorn Type N(f) input less mounting bracket
10GHZDH60.6m dish w. feed strut kit & 10 GHz feedhorn SMA (f) input, (less mounting bracket)
DBDH60.6m dish w. strut kit & dualband 5/10 GHz feedhorn, SMA (f) (less mounting bracket)