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The loop Yagi antenna, developed by G8AZM, G3JVL and others, has overtaken the conventional Yagi as the most popular Amateur Radio antenna for the upper UHF and lower microwave bands. High gain, light weight, ruggedness, and low wind load make loop Yagis excellent all-mode antennas for 800 to 3500 MHz. Directive Systems manufactures a complete line of loop Yagis for these bands.

For more information on loop yagis for those customers who are unfamiliar with these designs, please check here for more information with photos and detailed descriptions.


All DS loop Yagis and Super Loopers are equipped with female N connectors and can handle up to 550 watts, unless otherwise specified. Antennas are assembled and tested, unless specified as kits. Kits include drilled booms, pre-formed loop elements, preassembled brass driven elements with weatherproof connctor/feed assemblies, and stainless steel hardware. Element kits less the boom and U bolts (pn XXXXLYEK) are also available for most DS loop Yagi antennas. These kits include all parasitic elements, preassembled brass driven element with weatherproof connector/feed assembly, and stainless steel hardware. Directive Systems also manufactures custom loop Yagis for any frequency between 800 MHz and 3.5 GHz. Contact uswith your needs.


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